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UNRS-P1997-50-0209 - Here is Boyohaga (He-Who-has-Intercourse-with the Water), or as he calls himself for the benefit of his white friends, [Andrew] Johnson. He has been told that his voice will now live forever, and that through him the truth which the Indians have and are losing will be preserved for all time. In honor of the event he has dressed up in his festival clothes, the best he has. In one picture you see him in repose, in the other, in the midst of one of his tales; his eyes are shut (he is almost blind anyhow) but for him the world is full of wonderful creatures; the trickster Coyote, Ezhiopuh; the giant cannibals, the Zoavits; the friendly Pahabiavano, watchers of the coasts of the universe; and Ninubah, the genial water baby. He had a good time during the recording, and liked to hear his voice played back to him. But after it was over he was a little dubious. "I have left my face and my voice with the Enemy People," he told the interpreter. "Perhaps I am only a ghost now." The actual recording was in charge of our clinical speech man, Dr. Carl McIntosh. When he was ready to cut he would signal to the interpreter who would say "Mike!" which is not a corruption of microphone, but the Shoshone equivalent of "Okay, shoot the works." And Boyohaga would begin. The recordings just completed are the first record of Northern Shoshone, the northernmost branch of a linguistic family that stretched through the plateau areas from central Idaho to the Aztec valleys in Mexico. Our recordings are of superior quality, partly because we have been able to record electrically. Usually, Indian speech must be recorded on a crank machine taken to the reservation; but since the Fort Hall Reservation surrounds our campus, we are able to bring Indians into the Museum and do the recording in a sound studio. Taken in recording room in basement of Student Union, University of Idaho Southern Branch, Pocatello, Idaho, 1941. Photo and identification by Charlton G. Laird.

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